STL Science Center

STL Science Center

18 June 2015

Swimming with Class

Teylers Museum, Haarlem
Mosasaurus has, as expected, had a big draw as a fossil, on the blog, and in the movies. This is very apparent in Jurassic World, of course, but other documentaries and such that are almost movie length would count as well. The video game presence is also noteworthy, as is the literature (non-scientific) in which one or another species of Mosasaurus is discussed or pictured. These are, to be certain, most usually lumped together under the generic name, but it makes little matter in the long run. The point of knowing that these animals are known in children's literature, popular literature, and other venues like video games, is understanding that they are charismatic enough that they are considered worthy of study as well as awe inspiring and fantastic by many including the general public. Scientists kind of have to have interest from someone or their research grinds to a halt rather quickly, unfortunately. That sort of interest has led to the massive displays of mosasaur remains in museums worldwide, like that of the type specimen in Haarlem and others. They are wonderful to look upon also, so they are worth seeking out.

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