STL Science Center

STL Science Center

23 June 2015

The Papers of A Prolific Writer

Pteranodon has been studied by a large number of people over the years. In last 30 years, about, the literature surrounding Pteranodon has been reviewed and the majority of the remains also have been reviewed and redescribed by a single individual. Nestled in the heart of North America, where a good majority of the specimens from the Western Interior Seaway have been found and stored, a huge amount of literature has been generated by Chris Bennett. Pteranodon is not the only animal that he has written about, but off and on for the past few decades Dr. Bennett has written some highly praised, circulated, and criticized (as all paleontologists have) articles on the animal. He has not broached all subjects related to pterosaurs such as biomechanics, for instance, but is gracious enough to host the majority of his articles online. These include ontogeny, functional morphology, and osteology, amongst other topics. There is also work on sexual dimorphism in his catalog. Aerodynamics have been discussed by Bramwell and later by Bower. If taxonomy is more the object of interest, there are papers on that as well by Miller, for example. There are papers everywhere waiting to be read, and most of these are older, and can therefore be found free more easily.

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