STL Science Center

STL Science Center

30 August 2015

Back to Sunday

Missing days is awful, but there is usually a very good reason. However, more important is the idea that the information shared on Sundays is shared, regardless of the day on which it finally gets posted. Sundays still remain a day for families and friends to talk about fossil animals with the next generation of scientists and fossil enthusiasts. Sometimes the youth is learning, sometimes the youth is teaching, no matter which way that is happening the links and information sites are usually the same. The sites for Protostega are actually spread quite far across the internet; it turns out that giant turtles are quite interesting to a lot of people. There are sites developed with kids in mind (to a point) like About and National Geographic. There are sites that are more engineered toward fossil experts and casual scientists (of a more adult persuasion) like Oceans of Kansas also. There are also entertainment websites that keep some facts available. Adventure Aquarium, for example, posts facts about Protostega.

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