STL Science Center

STL Science Center

31 August 2015

Monday at the Movies

Documentaries! I love being able to share documentaries. Their science is always to be taken with a slight grain of salt, as one should do their own reading and, not often possible, look at the fossils first hand, but they are good to have access to. This first video is actually a non-narrated journal of the creation of a Protostega model, which is awesome despite not conveying any facts. Seeing museum replicas fleshed out is really fantastic.
The second video is a short clip from the National Geographic's Sea Monsters special. They have a nice part devoted to Protostega and a longer version would be excellent, but what they do show is nice. The CGI looks a little low budget here, but sometimes that is acceptable.
The last video is a video journal from Triebold Paleontology. They go over the 2011 dig with Mike Everhart in a nice concise manner and show how the dig was conducted through narration and a slideshow. If one has never seen a specimen in a jacket, or has and has wondered how it got that way, the video is very nice and interesting. Remember that Triebold is a business, so the last 30 seconds or so is a sales pitch. A Protostega would make a good paperweight though...

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