STL Science Center

STL Science Center

27 August 2015


Plesiosaurus is popular in so many ways that we can easily defer to the massive might of Google and declare that even a cursory search there will turn up so many items that it would take one a millennium to go through it all. Some of that statement is a little hyperbolic, but not by much. The most depressing bit of Plesiosaurus knowledge that has massively impacted the general public, unfortunately, is the conjecture that the long famed and well known Loch Ness Monster is depicted, often, as an extant Plesiosaurus. The idea is equal parts farcical and intriguing, though, as a living group of plesiosaurs would be a great discovery, but is more than likely completely unfounded and unrealistic. In lieu of supporting and touting more mythologies about Plesiosaurus, however, let us say that the greatest contributions to the popular knowledge and love of Plesiosaurus comes in the form of art, books, and toys, particularly this little gem (perhaps not, but it makes me want to have the skills to make one):

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