STL Science Center

STL Science Center

06 September 2015

Dodging the Scary Seas

There are a lot of links in the internet ocean in which Haikouichthys is floundering. There are tons of bad links dodging in and out o the good links and therefore navigating the sites is kind of a task on its own. The problem, simply and quickly put, is that animals like Haikouichthys are often the center of evolution/anti-evolution debates and arguments. There are plenty of good sites though, such as About, Palaeos, the Walking With Wiki, and Prehistoric Wildlife. The Prehistoric Wildlife site actually has a good line drawing that can be used as a coloring sheet as the precarious position of Haikouichthys is discussed with others. The site also has a size comparison image that, if one did not know the size of Haikouichthys before, is fairly fantastic.

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