STL Science Center

STL Science Center

14 September 2015

Unhappy with Documentaries

Possibly one of the saddest days is when we have an animal, of any caliber, that would make a great addition to any documentary but is featured in none. Diplocaulus, for all of its uniqueness, is one such genus of animals. The amphibians are curious and intriguing characters, but have never made a key appearance in a high profile documentary that has then made a lasting impression on the internet or television. I cannot think off the top of my head, of an appearance that was in a popular program either. However, there are videos on the internet in which Diplocaulus of one species or another features. Many of these are video games, as the animals appear to have made an impact, somehow, in the Jurassic Park world. They are popular characters in fighting versions of that world in particular. The best videos though, are probably the ones that claim that Diplocaulus is still alive and roaming the wild. This video is one in that vein:

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