STL Science Center

STL Science Center

03 October 2015

Changing Times

Many theropods have changed over the years thanks to many different research and digging discoveries. These changes are sometimes met by arguments and disbelief, but over time many of them have either been fully adopted or shown to be less feasible and therefore overturned (returning the original status quo). Gorgosaurus has been portrayed as a typical tyrannosaurid; two digits on the forelimb, tyrannosaur posture, and long strong legs. Many of the illustrations and interpretative scientific illustrations of the past also suffered from the sunken and starving look that many dinosaur illustrations suffered from for a very long time. This continues in some paleoart even today making it a problem of the modern era also, but not as much as it was in the past. The Gorgosaurus shown here near this very tranquil looking pond (or river) spans the ages of illustration in many of the characteristics that can be seen. It possesses typical tyrannosaurid features but also has some meat on its bones and does not look like it is starving or dying of a terrible wasting disease of some kind. The posture is very modern, with the tail suspended in the air for balance. The only thing that this Gorgosaurus is truly lacking to be considered a quality modern and accurate illustration is feathering, kind of like that which this second illustration is sporting:
(C) Robinson Kunz

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