STL Science Center

STL Science Center

01 October 2015

Good Old Australia

Australia appears to be a place that has always been very fond of its fauna. This extends across the continent geographically and across time as well. A people that are very aware of how dangerous their land has always been have embraced even their gigantic flightless birds of the ancient past (and current large birds like emus too). At any rate, a public park, with a nice looking playground in the background, sports a trio (the third is slightly to the left of this frame lying on the ground) of life-sized and life-like Bullockornis planei. Those interested in the trio can find them on the southwest side of the pond in which Kings Park Botanical Garden sits in Synergy Parkland within the larger scope of Kings Park, Perth. This is on the western bank of the Swan River near the University of Western Australia in Perth. There is a dense amount of locality information here because I went through the trouble to find the statues on Google maps and it is therefore at my disposal right now. Additionally, the statues are worth finding if one finds themselves in Australia; they are very impressive statues of some frighteningly immense terrestrial avians. This is possibly the most prominent public display of the birds and definitely the most intense physical manifestation of a public's knowledge of the birds.

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