STL Science Center

STL Science Center

26 October 2015

Is There Any Motion?

Sometimes the Smithsonian site shows up under the video tab on Google when there is in fact no video. However, there is a video or two available, though they are not of professional documentary level. These videos are often among the best of course, as they are made by amateur dinosaur enthusiasts and artists with a passion for what they are doing. A really good video shows an amateur version of Daemonosaurus running around in a Triassic landscape. The interpretation of the theropod dinosaur is quite well done also.
In the new, Canadian/UK, version of the BBC show Primeval (often maligned for its science though it was a fun show to watch) called Primeval: New World, there is an episode that features a trio of Daemonosaurus that are loose and terrorizing a Walmart-esque department store. The little dinosaurs are angry and very athletic, possessing the ability to bound over rows of shelving. They also appear quite resilient, as one takes a solid smack in the ribs and gets up to continue the chase.

If the embedding here does not work, use this link to view the clip.

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