STL Science Center

STL Science Center

08 October 2015

Toys and Games

We know that the Walking With Dinosaurs movie came out a few years ago and we know that it spawned toys, as movies (especially action movies) tend to do. Therefore, it is quite easy to find the toys all over the internet, with the Gorgosaurus line being fairly popular. They were the "villains" of the story after all. As far as toys go, they are acceptable versions of dinosaurs; however, they have a lot of small joints and overlaps of elements which make it look a little strange.
I cannot say why they renamed the animal.
 Between the movie, the extensive historical record, and cartoons like I'm a Dinosaur and Dinosaur Train (a Gorgosaurus family owns a forest in the PBS show), Gorgosaurus is an extremely well known dinosaur. Regardless of the modern push of Gorgosaurus into the limelight, the museums and multiple specimens and casts that are visible to the public have kept Gorgosaurus in the public eye for over a century now.

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