STL Science Center

STL Science Center

22 November 2015

Facts About Thylacosmilus

(C) Angie Wilson
Amazingly Thylacosmilus is exceedingly popular on the internet, so much so that it has almost more pages dedicated to it than its more popular look-alike Smilodon. The pages dedicated to it range from encyclopedia type entries to much more open grouped facts compiled into short paragraph forms. The timeline for Thylacosmilus is presented in various forms, such as this one from Dinosaur Jungle (despite not being a dinosaur). The most interesting thing about Thylacosmilus is, of course, the teeth. The marsupial was smaller than Smilodon, but the teeth were similarly sized, but would have had to have been used in completely different ways. This will be discussed in much greater detail tomorrow and Tuesday, as there is a lot of different literature and movies showing those teeth. However, I encourage discussing this with kids over some interesting coloring pages, like these:

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