STL Science Center

STL Science Center

15 November 2015

River Facts

The River Beast Potamotherium was an intriguing mammal, as extant River Otters and their cousins Sea Otters are as well. Its furry cuteness makes it an excellent animal to share and discuss today; it is kind of the opposite of the giant dinosaurs that kids like to learn about but is equally fantastic. The lesser known mammals of the Miocene have fewer fact pages associated with them typically, and despite its cuteness and popularity that we have seen so far, Potamotherium has very few fact pages as well. The Encyclopedia of Life has a few facts, but these are mostly simple classification and time frame facts. About's page has a more extensive fact page, but compared to most dinosaurs, this Potamotherium page is a bit sparse as well. However, Gregory Kvitko has produced a wonderful ink and paper, very otter-y, version of Potamotherium that can be colored while discussing the animal and the sparse facts:

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