STL Science Center

STL Science Center

14 December 2015

Penguins in History

Yesterday I shared videos for both Inkayacu and Icadyptes. Somehow, despite the fact that penguins are probably the neatest flightless birds, there are not more stories and videos devoted to these two ancient penguins. It is both sad and great that we do not really need a video concerning these two penguins directly to know how they fed, their mode of locomotion, or what they looked like. The two penguins were both penguin-like in appearance and most likely swam the same way that extant modern penguins swim. The feeding done while swimming, of course, was probably also similar if not identical. The depth at which that feeding was done in each genus was probably much different though. Due to the fact that extant penguins provide a good hypothetical proxy for these fossil penguins, please enjoy this wonderful ballet of penguins swimming, doing dopey things, and generally being penguins.

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