STL Science Center

STL Science Center

13 January 2016

Gilmore's Dinosaur

Gilmoreosaurus was a pile of rubble, basically, that came across the desk of Charles Gilmore at the Smithsonian close to 100 years ago. His description of the dinosaur under a different genus (later renamed for him rather than after himself by Gilmore) was very well done given what existed of the dinosaur at the time. The fact that those remains could be used to identify cancerous growths in dinosaurs approximately 80 years later is a testament to the enhanced abilities of science as well as to the advent of new technologies since the time of Gilmore. It can be assumed that Gilmore would be a star today as he was in his own day, however, the new technologies that now exist would have made his scientific abilities even much more comprehensive and, of course, modern. Gilmore named a great number of fossil animals, Gilmoreosaurus being one of that number.

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