STL Science Center

STL Science Center

09 January 2016

Limited Reconstructions

Reconstruction hosted at NHM Dino Directory (
Gilmoreosaurus suffers from a problem that many ornithischian dinosaurs suffer from in scientific popularity and representation. The fossil remains indicate that the dinosaur was a basal hadrosaur along the line of iguanodontids. The reconstructions of the dinosaur appear very reminiscent of hadrosaurs but also very basic and "any dinosaur" looking. The hadrosaurs, either way, would have had a very recognizable habitat. We know a lot about the environment from paleobiological samples and other taxa that came from the same region and time. Assuming that Gilmoreosaurus had similar behaviors to hadrosaurs that descended from itself and other basal hadrosaurids we are able to recreate not only the known environment but also the manner in which the dinosaur went about its day as well as its reproductive cycle. Working on the assumption that all hadrosaurs, even the earliest, were good parents, we can present illustrations like this one in which Gilmoreosaurus is a doting parent, watching their hatchlings emerge and escorting them around the nest site. The hatchlings in this image are carbon copies of their larger parents. However, there is no known complete embryo or hatchling that has been assuredly assigned to the genus.

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