STL Science Center

STL Science Center

11 January 2016

An Odd Day

There is no additional video for Movie Monday for Gilmoreosaurus. We looked at the single video that concerned Gilmoreosaurus yesterday; this is equal parts sad and unfortunate. Instead, we will look at an interesting combined image that appeared on a Chinese website. There was no artist attributions and the translation appears pretty coherent (I do not know how Google decides to translate pages). However, I do not think that the page's translation is all that important in the interest of the image. What we get out of the image is not only a long view of the mounted skeleton on display, but also an artist's interpretation of the fleshed out hadrosaur. Unlike the NHM image, this version of Gilmoreosaurus is more modern and "common" in the world of hadrosaur interpretation. Additionally, we can see, as we expect with all hadrosaurs, that Gilmoreosaurus is larger than an average human being. Gilmoreosaurus is actually an average sized hadrosaur despite being an early member of the tree. We can infer from this that even the most basal hadrosaurs were hadrosaur sized; consider for instance, that early sauropods and ceratopsians are much smaller than later members of their respective families. The last part of the image is a map of the locality from which the original fossils were recovered.

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