STL Science Center

STL Science Center

22 February 2016

Effigia Goes to IMAX

Provided one wanted to see scientific videos of Effigia there are very few that are purely documentary related. The two quality videos that appear to be readily available online are very useful for learning something about Effigia despite not being documentaries entirely about the little archosaur. The first video is actually a taped talk on the cranial biomechanics of Effigia. This discussion is a summation of a student's work up to that point. There are a number of ways that are acceptable to interpret scientific talks, but rather than interpreting the talk for this audience I think it wise to allow everyone to watch the talk for themselves during this break.
The second video that is available online is actually not going to be online forever, I am quite sure. The IMAX special Dinosaurs Alive is available online and it really needs no introduction because you can watch it start to finish and enjoy learning about a lot of different animals. Some of those animals are not dinosaurs of course, as evidenced by the fact that Effigia is included in the film despite being related to crocodiles. Even dinosaurs need supporting casts though, and Effigia is a wonderful little animal.

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