STL Science Center

STL Science Center

08 February 2016

Videos Everywhere

Videos are a staple in modern news. Paleontology is no exception to the news and video melding in the world. Dakotaraptor, being a new discovery on a continent obsessed with dromaeosuars and all other predatory dinosaurs, is a good example of the rule that paleontology and society at large interact best when videos of one kind or another are involved. Dakotaraptor's description and release to the public in general was much heralded by the media and dinosaur enthusiasts everywhere. The videos include entries like yesterday's fact video,

A somewhat Ben Stein-like narrative:
A more enthusiastic discussion:

And a kind of armchair-paleo presentation of the dinosaur by a young man from Europe:

The interest pieces from the media have basically dried up and disappeared by now, it appears. However, the print news stories still exist if one is so inclined to look for it.

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