STL Science Center

STL Science Center

21 March 2016

Giant Beasts and Video Games

Chalicotherium appears in many different kinds of videos because it is a very popular giant mammal. The more radical the animal the more likely it is that the animal will be shown in documentaries or movies and modeled in video games and other venues. The number of videos from the game ARK overloads the search for Chalicotherium, making it difficult to find videos from the Walking With Series and any other documentary that might happen to exist. ARK is a survival game set in various prehistoric eras that overlap; the setting is a made up world filled with dinosaurs, prehistoric mammals, and even hostile human players. The game has been in development for a few years and beta testing has allowed us to see animals like Chalicotherium for a while; the game is set for official release in June of this year. The videos of Chalicotherium from ARK, like that below, are mostly narrated by players and enthusiasts of the games.

The Walking With Series is much more entertainment than it is documentary; however, there is a respectable amount of science behind the series even when the entertainment is more pertinent than that science in an episode or portion of an episode. The episode of Walking With Beasts that features Chalicotherium is still online; BBC does tend to take these down when they can find them, so if you have not seen this episode and are interested I urge you to watch it as soon as possible. The episode is centered around the life story of an Indricotherium but does have a sizable (pun intended) portion showing Chalicotherium.

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