STL Science Center

STL Science Center

20 March 2016

Kids and A Giant Everything Mammal

Chalicotherium has convergent characteristics with a large suite of extant mammals that have taken over many different niches that were not necessarily occupied by Chalicotherium or any of its contemporaries; the world is not exactly the same as it was then and some of those niches may not have even existed at that time. These are not, though, the topics presented in most of the fact files. The sites do mention the convergent evolution, just not always the the extant analogies. The best site for all around discussion of Chalicotherium is About which does make mention of gorillas. Prehistoric Wildlife presents a little more in depth information, but is still not exhaustively comprehensive. The best thing about the site is that it presents some of the same information at a slightly higher reading level. The most simplistic, but still filled with facts, of all of the sites available is the site that is associated with the Walking With Series in which Chalicotherium features in the "ice age" series. A number of the facts are also present on this handy little image/trading card:

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