STL Science Center

STL Science Center

27 March 2016

Learning About Lambeosaurs

Lambeosaurus, as a genus, is a well known group of dinosaurs and has been well represented online in kid-friendly venues since there were dinosaur pages on the internet. There have been Lambeosaurus books, documentaries, and educational toys since long before the internet. Lambeosaurus has been a very popular dinosaur for a very long time, nearly a full century actually. The last post of Lambeosaurus facts (we have covered this dinosaur before, but back then there were very few links online) was very short and consisted of only a few short links and videos. Instead of posting simply the end of the Dinosaur Train episode in which Lambeosaurus appears, the entire episode can be seen on YouTube now.
Some of the pages that have been generated since the last Lambeosaurus fact day are not the greatest fact pages that exist, but they are helpful. The links found on the old post are still good. Sites like Dinosaur Jungle have increased the number of sites we see for Lambeosaurus. They do have an image that looks vaguely like a kangaroo though. Most of those facts are contained on the images of the fact trading cards shown below however.

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