STL Science Center

STL Science Center

07 March 2016

Stegosaurus Goes to London

Comprised of 300 bones, the most complete Stegosaurus discovered and the only Stegosaurus skeleton at the Natural History Museum of London was named Sophie and mounted for display in 2014. Sophie is known to specifically be from the species S. stenops also. She is the only Stegosaurus on display outside of the United States of America and is unique in many ways.  Sophie is an 85% complete skeleton discovered in 2003 at a site called Red Canyon Ranch in Wyoming. The cranium of Sophie is disarticulated, allowing paleontologists to look at the entire makeup of the skull from angles that have not been explored in a Stegosaurus before. The video below from the NHM London details the science and the display mounting process. This is also detailed in this news article from The Daily Mail.

Additionally, here is a video of a further interview with Dr. Charlotte Brassey on Sophie and her work that is or was being conducted on the stegosaur.

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