STL Science Center

STL Science Center

01 April 2016

Differences in Dinosaur Heads

©John Sibbick
Hadrosaurs of all shapes and sizes have unique features, as we know for any given taxon, and many of them sport some sort of crest above their heads. Strangely, considering the prevalence of crests, there are very few illustrations dedicated to displaying the differences between the crests and the hadrosaurs that sport them. The most well known of those hadrosaurs include the most well known crests (e.g. Corythosaurus, Parasaurolophus) in the ornithischian world. Descriptions of the Lambeosaurus crest should be fresh in everyone's mind from yesterday and the Lambeosaurs in the above illustration should therefore stick out fairly well. However, if the description alone was not enough to help a casual observer pick between Lambeosaurus and Corythosaurus please turn your attentions to this second image that shows both dinosaurs and labels them clearly.

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