STL Science Center

STL Science Center

18 April 2016

Movie Mayhem

Andrewsarchus is a small but significant documentary star. Featuring in no feature length movies, the animal does play a significant part in a television documentary. As with many of the animals we have videos where they feature, this is another instance of the Walking With series showing an animal that we are interested in. The series covered, after their very well received initial dinosaur series, the time before and the time after the dinosaurs. The Eocene predator Andrewsarchus was contemporary with the large Brontotherium, but actually has only been found in Mongolia. The Walking With series places these Mongolian predators in the same habitat as the North American Brontotherium. Obviously this is not currently backed up by any evidence, but the potential could exist given the correct conditions and there may have been other brontothere like herbivores living in Mongolia.
Walking with Beasts - Brontotherium vs Andrewsarchus (Audio Remake) from Israel Barber on Vimeo.

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