STL Science Center

STL Science Center

21 April 2016

Popularity and the Pig-like Beast

Andrewsarchus may not have been related to pigs, but the fact that it resembled a pig and still does in most modern illustrations may be severely confusing to some. The depiction in the most popular place that Andrewsarchus has been shown was even slightly rotund. The Walking With Andrewsarchus is large, muscular, and intimidating. That is a trend that continues in other illustrations as well. The strangest thing about Andrewsarchus' popularity is that it has blossomed in less opular venues than television, books, toys, movies, video games, and other highly visible areas. Instead, it has something of a nearly cult-like following on the internet. Amateur illustrations, professional illustrations, and fan sites are all populated with Andrewsarchus. Thankfully Andrewsarchus managed to be illustrated on one of the informational cards that we see now and again that is so vibrant and fearsome.

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