STL Science Center

STL Science Center

31 May 2016

Famed Papers

Carnotaurus is a dinosaur that is relatively famous but has somehow escaped the eye of the blog until very recently. Reading this post that is self evident as this week is entirely dedicated to Carnotaurus. The amount of literature that has not been shown here about Carnotaurus is quite extensive. There are some articles, as there always are, that are more interesting or important to the study of an organism that we can single out. There are studies of the speed and general gait at which the dinosaur moved and the way in which the dinosaur used that speed to go about its daily life (its paleobiology). Additionally revealing important aspects of the life of Carnotaurus are studies about the animals head. The head is a unit of importance for feeding, mating, breathing, and basically every other aspect of being alive. We know a great deal about the dinosaur's braincase and the rest of the cranium including implications of cranial biomechanics. Probably one of the most charismatic papers discusses the forelimbs of the dinosaur. It is charismatic mostly because people are interested in the "funny looking" arms and they have been studied, described, and inferences have been made.

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