STL Science Center

STL Science Center

12 May 2016

Famous Noses

Macrauchenia has been famous for a very long time and not entirely because the fossils were originally brought back to Europe by Darwin and the Beagle. The llama-esque body and trunk certainly added to the wonder and therefore fascination with the animal. The fascination with the animal has mostly caused Macrauchenia to become a computer game favorite. The fossil mammal has appeared in a number of zoo and Jurassic Park based games over the years and has even been recreated for Spore by users. The resemblance is acceptable at least. There are also a number of toys ranging from small plastic pieces to plush toys. That is the benefit of popularity I suppose, having a plush animal dedicated to the image of your genus. It is really for the benefit of people that love the animal more than anything of course; I think everyone understands that being popular with humanity is only good for extant animals in need of human intervention.

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