STL Science Center

STL Science Center

24 May 2016

Love for Crocodilians

Araripesuchus is a well loved group of animals, in part because there are a lot of species in the genus that are represented by a lot of remains. There are newly describe species within the genus like A. patagonicus that was first published in 2000 and A. buitreraensis described in 2005. There are also new remains that belong to previously known and described species. The most famous species was described in 1981, in German, and can still be found in the original form online. There are papers concerning every aspect of Araripesuchus' history beyond description. Among these the most common themes in paleontology are well represented as well, such as osteology and phylogeny. Conveniently these are both addressed in the same paper more than once. The most recent version of this discussion available online is from Turner in 2005. There may be newer discussions coming in the near future, but these will suffice until that time.

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