STL Science Center

STL Science Center

26 June 2016

Compy Facts

Compsognathus is well known and relatively popular with dinosaur lovers. Their small stature makes them somewhat of an enigma to people that expect dinosaurs to be giant lumbering animals or even giant energetic animals. Everyone has the ability to learn something new about these animals regardless of any preconceived notions or lack thereof that one might have. A number of sites have jumped on the fact sheet train for Compsognathus and we benefit from this significantly because we have multiple outlets from which to learn about this tiny dinosaur. There are straightforward fact sheet pages like About and Enchanted Learning. There are also pages written more as essays than strings of facts. These are similar, but may be of more interest to higher level readers. These are pages like the revamped and more vibrant Kids Dinos (still home of the illustrated timeline and nifty maps) and DK's Eyewitness website. There is also this video, which we shared last time we discussed Compsognathus on fact day:

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