STL Science Center

STL Science Center

08 June 2016

Extrapolating Armor

In the Late Cretaceous nodosaurian ankylosaurs were covered with armor and many of these dinosaurs even had larger extended pectoral (shoulder) or pelvic horns that could be considered offensive weapons. It should come as no surprise that many illustrations of Antarctopelta feature not only nodosaurian dermal armors but pectoral horns. The horns that are shown in this manner are often more ornamental in appearance. The angles at which the horns extend is nearly completely vertical rather than extending in a manner that would allow for their use as offensive weaponry. In this more vertical orientation they would serve more as a deterrent if they were not entirely ornamental. Dermal scutes, like those shown, were also typical in nodosaurian armor schemes. Overall the interpretations of Antarctopelta that are available are typical of many nodosaurians; this is a result of the fragmentary remains that have been attributed to the dinosaur so far.
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