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STL Science Center

03 June 2016

Run Carnotaurus

©Ian N. Cost
Over the week we have at least mentioned all of the anatomical anomalies (e.g. forelimbs) and anatomical craziness (e.g. horns and huge mouth) of Carnotaurus. The BBC Walking With website was kind enough to summarize most of the points we have made with a unique illustration of Carnotaurus. Their Carnotaurus looks like it is having a long day though. The illustration for the day is not the agonizing and exhausted Carnotaurus though. The illustration of the day is also not this sculpture that was featured at the Memphis Zoo's dinosaur exhibit a number of years ago. It is a very nice sculpture (and one of the most liked photos in the past of this blog actually).

©Mohamad Hagani
There are two amazing illustrations of Carnotaurus that are not commercially produced or photos taken by myself. The first is one of the most active illustrations that we have seen of Carnotaurus. In this image by Mohamad Hagani a Carnotaurus that has some feathering along the middle of back from head to tail hunting a small ankylosaur. The speed seen in the image is well portrayed and the image is captivating. The anatomy of the dinosaur looks appropriate, including the hypothetical feathers, and the dinosaurs are both animated and vividly alive. The enormous mouth of the Abelisaurid is almost dragon-like in this image but in a way that is not terribly foreign and out of place looking on the dinosaur. The feathering is tastefully added to this Carnotaurus. Instead of the last feathering we saw, this is a minimalist approach to feathering and is well done.

©Alvaro Rozalen
The second image that really captures a unique Carnotaurus image is by Spanish artist Alvaro Rozalen. Rozalen is responsible for the All Your Yesterdays cover art and is an accomplished artist. His vision of Carnotaurus is based on the description of the dinosaur as written in Michael Crichton's second dinosaur related book, The Lost World. In the novel Crichton depicted Carnotaurus as a deceptive animal that was naturally capable of chameleon-like camouflage. Rozalen shows Carnotaurus in stunning camouflage standing in front of The Lost World logo. It really kind of speaks for itself.

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