STL Science Center

STL Science Center

20 June 2016

Scutellosaurus' Other Videos

The major video showing Scutellosaurus was shared yesterday because it was oriented and aimed directly at a younger audience; older folks that enjoyed it were not wrong to enjoy it at all. There are other videos online that feature some form of the dinosaur Scutellosaurus but they are not highly informative or well animated. One video is a ten second clip from a video game but the second is much more interesting. The second is a small statue from Florida's Dinosaur World which is a small park of dinosaur statues and animatronics. The statue is most interesting because it appears life size, meaning that it could disappear easily in the ferns, much like the actual Scutellosaurus dinosaur. The statue itself is not much to look at and is not accurate beyond size really, but it is still an interesting piece of art.

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