STL Science Center

STL Science Center

10 July 2016

Facts About Giant Birds

Pelagornis is a little known bird for unknown reasons. As the largest bird genus that has ever graced the airs of the Earth the birds in this genus should probably be a lot more famous than they are right now. There are a number of websites that share images and facts about the genus out there though, meaning that the popularity of the fossil may be below the radar of most popular sites, but there is some knowledge and a following out there. The sites that mention Pelagornis are some of the most common websites that we see on a regular basis on this site. This includes About, as it usually does. Kidzsearch, the online kids encyclopedia shared here sometimes, also has a very short discussion on Pelagornis. The Latin Times also gets in on discussing this group of birds. The birds have been discovered at diverse sites across the entire globe (The type specimens include: P. miocaenus from France, P. mauretanicus from Morocco, P. chilensis from Chile, and P. sandersi from North Carolina), which is why there are diverse sources like The Latin Times.

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