STL Science Center

STL Science Center

08 July 2016

Feather Your Dinosaur

There are many interpretations of Compsognathus rolling around the internet that still appear quite dinosaurian. That is to say that many of the illustrations that are on the internet are still showing tight skinned Compsognathus running around in very dinosaur-like situations and doing dinosaur-like things. However, Alexander Lovegrove and many other newer artists or artists that change their styles to match current trends in science have adopted a much more feathered look for Compsognathus. This look is very interesting for Compsognathus and seems to be quite fitting. This small family of dinosaurs wears its feathered jaguar spots quite well. The gape on what appears to be the adult is impressive, though not unrealistic at all and, for a little dinosaur, is certainly more than enough to capture small lizards, mammals, and insects. Aren't they adorable?
©Alexander Lovegrove

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