STL Science Center

STL Science Center

18 July 2016

Mixed Up Fossil Movie

All of the arguments and contentious debate around Protoavis should have stirred up so many videos and documented debates that there should be absolutely no gaps in the video record of the debate around Protoavis. However, there are many gaps and a lot of the discussions and arguments that have been presented are actually only available in print and very little has been recorded regarding the attributes and diverse descriptions of those attributes as they are seen in the fossils. Also lacking are discussions about the nature of the fossil itself; i.e. there are not videos concerning the idea that the fossils are actually an amalgam of multiple animals from a "death assemblage" deposit. There is a WizScience recording that we can share here though. The video shares some facts and the discussion of confusion caused by the fragmentary fossil as discussed on Wikipedia (not much new information is shared here).

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