STL Science Center

STL Science Center

30 August 2016

Bossy Papers

One of the few well known dinosaurs from Alaska, the remains of Pachyrhinosaurus from that state have been well studied. Purportedly belonging to one of the species I have not mentioned (P. perotorum specifically), the literature on the Alaskan population is quite thorough. This literature has been fairly enlightening about polar dinosaurs. Coupled with literature about other polar dinosaurs this sort of research has opened up the life of dinosaurs in those regions of the world to our present science, despite the vast ages of time that have passed. These papers include subjects like descriptions of the populations and longevity and growth rates of these polar dinosaurs. Longevity and growth rates are probably the more interesting of the two subjects (in my opinion). The original descriptions of Canadian populations are still online as well; Langston's description of remains from Drumheller and a more recent and complete Alberta find. The list of descriptions, finds, and other studies continues on for pages, but there is not enough time (for me) to list and write short descriptions for the wealth of information that is available.

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