STL Science Center

STL Science Center

04 August 2016

Megaraptor is Known

Tom Parker
Megaraptor is a known dinosaur but it is not well known. Paleontologists know that the dinosaur exists and, for some, much more than that. However, as we have mentioned many times over, there are not many popular outlets for the dinosaur and much of the public does not know about or have never heard the name Megaraptor. The reasons that the public would embrace this dinosaur are actually far more compelling than the reasons that Megaraptos has yet to become famous. Poor circulation of the news of the discovery and subsequent discoveries of Megaraptor remains are the main reasons that the dinosaur has not caught on in the eyes of the public. Reasons that the dinosaur should but have not yet become popular include the immense size of the dinosaur and the sizable claw that is on the hand of Megaraptor. Additionally, the dromaeosaur-like features of the head, seen here, make Megaraptor strangely familiar to those that know North American and Asian dromaeosaurs.

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