STL Science Center

STL Science Center

16 October 2016

Bone-crushing Facts

Borophagus is less famous as a genus than it ought to be given its representative fossil record and its hyena-like abilities despite being a coyote sized canine. As it stands, there are only a very few sites, fact pages, and absolutely no videos sharing facts about the fossil dog. We have only a few sites including our trusted About site with some short facts and a short paragraph penned by Bob Strauss and the online children's encyclopedia KidzSearch to use as information sheets today. KidzSearch is actually a bit disappointing in this venture and Prehistoric Wildlife actually provides a more informative encyclopedia-like page for the day. There are no coloring sheets; we have not had those often in the past few months anyway it seems, to be honest. The lack of videos, considering this dog was rather derived in its ability to crack through bones and the cranial morphology that went along with this behavior, is a little surprising. Why are there not more videos about bone-crushing dogs? Perhaps that is a question that we cannot answer for some time.

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