STL Science Center

STL Science Center

04 October 2016

Paper and Phylogeny

As promised, there is discussion about Proceratosaurus and its phylogenetic position; there is actually a great deal of discussion pertaining to the position of Proceratosaurus within the theropod family tree. The most recent edition of this phylogenetic discussion was published in the Linnean Society's journal of zoology by Rauhut, Milner, and Moore-Fay in 2010. Other papers also discuss phylogeny in relation to Proceratosaurus from a variety of angles including overall theropod evolution, coelurosaur relationships, and discussions of tyrannosaurid skeletal design. These papers would all be important and informative, but the paper linked here is the most comprehensive and useful (currently) in regards to the current position of Proceratosaurus in the dinosaur tree.

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