STL Science Center

STL Science Center

01 November 2016

Parasaurolophus Makes A Good Read

©Brynn Metheney
There are specimens of Parasaurolophus from all over the western half of the continent. There are remains from Utah, New Mexico, and Alberta, Canada as well. Many of the remains of the dinosaur come from Canada, in fact. There are remains described on a regular basis from Dinosaur Provincial Park. A wide variety of topics are discussed as well. These range from ontogeny and heterochrony (life history and developmental change in time and events) in Parasaurolophus to acoustics of the nasal passage, as mentioned yesterday. Parasaurolophus may not have made it into space (contra this Brynn Metheney drawing) but it has indeed created a stellar impression on the history of life and the careers of many biologists and paleontologists.

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