STL Science Center

STL Science Center

02 November 2016

The Best Paleo Video Ever

The 1980's and early 1990's were filled with some amazing paleontology movies and documentaries. These included images of newly discovered dinosaurs and an immense multitude of hadrosaur models, animations, and recreations. Chief among these is Parasaurolophus and the intriguing anatomy that it possessed. The original attempts at recreating the sounds of Parasaurolophus and many other hadrosaurs were undertaken by a large and varied number of scientists, but the one I remember best was a clip of David Weishampel blowing on plastic piping to create deep resonant sounds. Since that time there have been many other recreations of the sounds using computers and complex algorithms to hit precise notes, such as in this compiled sound clip attributed to Sandia National Laboratories and the New Mexico Museum of Natural History (
These same practices are used to create the Parasaurolophus sounds in popular documentaries such as Dinosaur Discoveries. Did this dinosaur really sound like this? We may never know, but there is a strong amount of evidence that says that Parasaurolophus may have potentially sounded like a living low frequency producing machine. It was probably not capable of defending itself with sound, but that would make for an interesting defense if it was possible.

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