STL Science Center

STL Science Center

18 December 2016

Kid Friendly

Barosaurus is a very kid friendly dinosaur. There are fact pages all over the internet ranging from more amateur sites like KidsDinos to the borderline professional web pages of About (no offense to Bob Strauss' quality entries for these fact pages). KidsDinos has been radically changed in the last few months and Barosuarus' page looks quite intriguing. Barosaurus has made enough of an impact to make its way into the DK Eyewitness books and DK Find Out websites such that it features prominently on their dinosaur fact pages. Fact pages, well written, listed facts, or interactive displays notwithstanding, abound for the dinosaur, but Barosaurus has also shown up in popular video outlets, even appearing as a dinosaur of the day for I Know Dino, a regular dinosaur related podcast.

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