STL Science Center

STL Science Center

22 December 2016

Making It Popular

There is no solid reason, just looking at Barosaurus, as to why it has become such a popular dinosaur among dinosaur enthusiasts. Barosaurus does not have the largest body, teeth, claws, or any strange cranial adornments (that we know of). There are also no movies, documentaries, or cartoons directly associated with the dinosaur. As one of the most prominent of Marsh's dinosaurs, Barosaurus became popular mainly because it was known early in the boom of North American dinosaurs. It helps that a great deal of speculation, testing, and discussion has been generated about and around Barosaurus since its discovery. This has led to the creation of illustrations, schematics, written works, and a variety of other works that further the self perpetuating popularity of the dinosaur. It doesn't hurt to be this enormous either:

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