STL Science Center

STL Science Center

10 December 2016

Missed Dinosaur?

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I looked back over my posts and I know that at some point, in the older version of this blog, I had covered Tyrannosaurus rex. However, in the new version of the blog there is no entry present for T. rex, let alone an entire week's worth of entries. Therefore, in the spirit of the holidays, and because we are coming back off of a week away during which I was working on my research exclusively, I bring you the holiday T. rex. Tyrannosaurus is an interesting dinosaur in part because it is an immensely popular dinosaur and that has shaped its public image as much as the science behind the dinosaur itself. Also, because the dinosaur is so popular with the public and scientists alike a lot of research has been done on, around, and to explain the dinosaur so that we all know as much as we do about T. rex. This week we will discuss T. rex and I will attempt to pick the best scientific tidbits that have come to light since the last time that Tyrannosaurus was featured on the blog. There has been a lot of interesting science since that time, so hold on tight and get ready for some really intriguing science this week as we discuss one of the most famous dinosaurs ever!

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