STL Science Center

STL Science Center

20 December 2016

Old Information and New Information

The earliest results of a search for papers discussing or describing Barosaurus date back to 1919 (and before, but the earliest result in search is 1919). This Richard Swan Lull book, a redescription of the type specimen housed at the Yale Peabody Museum, is available in its entirety from Google; all you have to do is sign in. A description of any kind is beneficial to understanding the anatomy of the dinosaur in question. I recommend skimming, at the very least, this book to better know Barosaurus and the anatomical systems that were important to the dinosaur's survival. Closer looks at individual systems or specific anatomical modules have been conducted in Barosaurus as well. These include hypothetical cardiovascular system functions, cranial circulation, and neck postures and blood pressure. Blood flow in a long-necked sauropod is certainly an important topic and the papers here reflect that importance accurately. There are also papers concerning the idea of multiple hearts in Barosaurus and discussing the tail of the dinosaur as a supersonic weapon. However, these papers are not centered on Barosaurus and are somewhat less informative.

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