STL Science Center

STL Science Center

30 December 2016

Pictures Worth Many Words

Art imitates life to the best of its ability when it comes to fossils. We know with fossils that this is not always simple and of questionable accuracy. In the spirit of loving art for art's sake today I want to simply put a number of interpretations of Allosaurus together below without muddying the waters with my own interpretations or criticisms of the images. Instead, this can be done by the readers either within your circle of dinosaur loving friends or to inform your own artistic endeavors, or you could just enjoy some fanciful, interesting artworks that depict a very famous dinosaur. It is your choice. Also, I had to include the photo below because I took this panoramic shot in Utah during SVP and I do not think I shared it with many people.

©Franco Tempesta

©DK Eyewitness

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