STL Science Center

STL Science Center

16 December 2016

The Modern Tyrannosaurus

Modern illustrations of Tyrannosaurus have included feathers for a fairly long time but even prior to the inclusion of feathers Tyrannosaurus was ever evolving in its illustrated representations. The amount of feathering changes depending on the artist and their interpretation of the extent to the amount of feathering that covers its body. There are two extremes of feather coverage which should be considered: A very light feathered body that has very small patches of downy feathers and the extensively puffy feathered model. The truth of Tyrannosaurus feathering almost definitely sits somewhere comfortable between the two extremes. Seeing the  extremes, however, allows us to feel a little less critical about the middle ground. There may not be a lot of scientific data supporting that but it has been a rather consistent observation in my experience. However you may feel about Tyrannosaurus feathering, enjoy the two different interpretations shown below for what they are worth.
©RJ Palmer

©Damir G. Martin

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