STL Science Center

STL Science Center

29 January 2017

Facts About A Dinosaur

All of the usual websites plus some more rare sites and even sites we have never used have useful information about Piatnitzkysaurus. As with any massive amount of information, there are duplicate sets of information published online about this particular dinosaur. A WizScience video exists that covers many of these facts as well as adding some interesting notes and covering the entire narrative with detailed illustrations and interpretations of the dinosaur. As such it is almost more useful than reading multiple sites, but should probably not be used as substitute as much as it should be viewed as an addition to the reading. That reading should certainly include the sites mentioned here in April of two years ago; we did cover this dinosaur, but its lack of support/popularity online at the time was embarrassingly lacking for how well we know the dinosaur. These sites can be found at this link. Additional sites include CoolDinoFacts (minimal information) and Age of Dinosaurs.

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