STL Science Center

STL Science Center

23 January 2017

Movie Time

Neuquensaurus is not as famous as its cousin Titanosaurus. There is no problem with that of course. It does result in fewer documentaries and other instances of fame for the slightly smaller Neuquensaurus though. We did see a video yesterday of our sauropod, and it did contain a good set of facts and relevant illustrations, which is sometimes all one receives in a documentary of a given dinosaur. Instead, we have a few short videos that we could potentially look at this evening, but I think only one of them is really worth the time (it is also the only video that is not made with toys or only slightly on topic). This video shows a mounted skeleton from the Azara Foundation of Natural History. The mount is featured on the foundation's website as well. Despite not relating any facts or the story of the mount, the short up close perusal of the skeleton is wonderful and the work put into the posture and look of the skeleton is well thought out and done with care; very important aspects of recreating lifelike postures of fossil animals, in my opinion.

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